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Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for Mary (E.) Vogt  (1 2 )
Long Shot (2019): Mary Vogt

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadAccess Error ??
The problem is getting worse. Today I added 3 new purchases and they all have the error in "\" application  and the broken pictures symbol.
The 3 profiles are the Dutch profiles of the 4K releases of The Abyss, True Lies and Aliens.

Today I wasn't even able to acces the website at all and got this error page:

Forbidden HTTP Response Code: 403
2024-04-24 19:09:21.428208218 UTC Tennis

I don't know what is going on lately. But since the last update everything seems to get wrong.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name Ming-Na Wen/ Ming-Na / Ming Na Wen / Ming Wen  (1 2 3 )

Ming-Na Wen    71 titles (327 profiles)
Ming-Na          239 titles (469 profiles)
Ming Na Wen      4 titles (6 profiles)
Ming Wen            6 titles (39 profiles)
Ming Na              6 titles (11 profiles)

Ming-Na Wen  20/22 confirmed

12 Bucks
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete First Season  confirmed by RobAGD
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Second Season  confirmed by RobAGD
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Third Season  confirmed by GreyHulk
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Fourth Season  confirmed by GreyHulk
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Fifth Season  confirmed by GreyHulk
All-American Girl: The Complete Series
Elite Force aka April Rain confirmed by GreyHulk
ER: The Complete First Season  confirmed by AiAustria
Hong Kong 97  confirmed Sidrat
Mulan  confirmed by Deacon78
Mulan (2020)  confirmed by primetime21
One Night Stand  confirmed by T!M
Ralph breaks the Internet  confirmed by Gamemaster
Spawn: The Animated Collection (Part 2) confirmed by bigdaddyhorse
Street Fighter  confirmed by Deacon78
Tempting Fate confirmed by GreyHulk
The Darkness confirmed by DragonMa
The Mandalorian: Season 1 confirmed by huskersports
The Mandalorian: Season 2 confirmed by huskersports
The Joy Luck Club  confirmed by JOHNNYV
Young Sheldon: Season 5 confirmed by huskersports

Ming-Na  19/19 confirmed

Boston Legal: Season Five  confirmed by T!M
ER: The Complete Sixth Season  confirmed by AiAustria
ER: The Complete Seventh Season  confirmed by AiAustria
ER: The Complete Eighth Season  confirmed by AiAustria
ER: The Complete Ninth Season  confirmed by AiAustria
ER: The Complete Tenth Season  confirmed by AiAustria
ER: The Complete Eleventh Season  confirmed by AiAustria
Eureka: Season 4  confirmed by Wolfpig
Eureka: Season 5  confirmed by Wolfpig
Final Fantasy  confirmed by Kluge
Mulan 2  confirmed by Gamemaster
Private Practice: The Complete Second Season  confirmed by _ppj_
Push  confirmed by Deacon78
Spawn: The Animated Collection (Part 3)  confirmed by bigdaddyhorse
Stargate Universe: First Season  confirmed by SpaceFreakMicha
Stargate Universe: Second Season  confirmed by SpaceFreakMicha
Super Cyclone  confirmed ateo357
Teddy Bears' Picnic  confirmed by T!M
Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season  confirmed by AiAustria

Ming Na Wen  0/0 confirmed

Ming Wen  2/2 confirmed

Prom Night  confirmed by Deacon78
Two and a Half Men: The Complete Fifth Season  confirmed by AiAustria

Ming Na  3/4 confirmed

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season Six
Robot Chicken: Season One  confirmed by bigdaddyhorse
The Batman: The Complete First Season  confirmed by RobAGD
The Batman: The Complete Second Season  confirmed by RobAGD

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadExploring Common Problems with the BMW 5 Series and Solutions
The BMW 5 Series stands as a quintessential symbol of luxury, performance, and engineering excellence. However, even the most meticulously crafted vehicles may encounter issues that affect their performance and reliability. In this extensive guide, we'll thoroughly explore the common problems faced by BMW 5 Series owners and provide comprehensive solutions to address them. Whether you're a proud owner or considering investing in a BMW 5 Series, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate potential challenges and ensure a seamless driving experience.

Chapter 1: Understanding the BMW 5 Series - A Legacy of Excellence

Introduction to the BMW 5 Series: A flagship model renowned for its superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic performance.

Evolution of the BMW 5 Series: Tracing the lineage of the 5 Series through generations, highlighting key milestones and advancements.

Design and Engineering: Delving into the meticulous design and engineering processes that make the BMW 5 Series a standout in the luxury sedan segment.

Chapter 2: Reliability and Common Issues - What to Expect

Reliability of the BMW 5 Series: Exploring the reputation of BMW vehicles for reliability and longevity, with insights into common issues faced by owners.

Technical Complexities: Understanding the intricate systems and components of the BMW 5 Series that may contribute to potential issues.

Common Problems: Identifying and discussing prevalent issues reported by BMW 5 Series owners, ranging from mechanical to electrical challenges.

Chapter 3: Mechanical Challenges and Solutions

Engine and Transmission Issues: Addressing common mechanical problems such as engine overheating, transmission failures, and irregular engine performance.

Suspension and Steering: Exploring issues related to suspension components, steering mechanisms, and their impact on driving dynamics.

Braking System: Discussing brake-related issues and the importance of regular maintenance to ensure optimal braking performance and safety.

Chapter 4: Electrical and Electronic Troubleshooting

Battery and Charging System: Examining issues related to battery failure, charging system malfunctions, and strategies for diagnosing and resolving electrical faults.

Infotainment and Connectivity: Discussing common problems with the infotainment system, navigation, and connectivity features, along with troubleshooting tips.

Lighting and Sensors: Exploring issues with exterior and interior lighting, sensor malfunctions, and the role of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in modern BMWs.

Chapter 5: Climate Control and Comfort Features

Air Conditioning and Heating: Addressing common issues with the HVAC system, including inadequate cooling or heating, refrigerant leaks, and compressor failures.

Comfort and Convenience: Discussing problems with power seats, sunroof operation, and other comfort features, and strategies for resolving them.

Chapter 6: Maintenance and Preventive Care

Routine Maintenance: Outlining the importance of adhering to manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules and conducting regular inspections to prevent potential problems.

DIY vs. Professional Service: Discussing when to perform DIY maintenance tasks and when to seek professional assistance from certified BMW technicians.

Genuine Parts and Accessories: Emphasizing the significance of using genuine BMW parts and accessories for repairs and upgrades to maintain vehicle integrity and performance.

Chapter 7: Future Trends and Innovations

Advanced Technologies: Exploring emerging trends and innovations in automotive technology, including electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity features, and their potential impact on future BMW 5 Series models.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: Discussing BMW's commitment to sustainability and efforts to integrate eco-friendly technologies into their vehicles.


In conclusion, the BMW 5 Series exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury, performance, and innovation in the automotive world. While no vehicle is immune to issues, armed with the knowledge and solutions provided in this guide, BMW 5 Series owners can navigate challenges effectively and ensure a smooth driving experience. By prioritizing regular maintenance, utilizing genuine parts, and staying informed about advancements in automotive technology, owners can continue to enjoy the unparalleled driving experience offered by the BMW 5 Series for years to come.

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Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadrefresh online list???
Hello, thanks in advance.
But I still get an error message and have to forward it to DVD Profiler

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadEdit Layout to show Sort Title?
I don't think there is a way to see the Sort Title on the main layout or in a report that uses the internal report generator.
You can, however, create reports with ProfilerQuery that show the sort title.

Even with ProfilerQuery it's going to be a lot of work, given the size of your collection. I could probably create a custom tool that lists profiles with non-standard sort titles, if you are interested.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadProfile Refresh Error?  (1 2 )
This just downloads the complete online profile list, you still need to Refresh Updated Profiles as usual.

"This error can also be caused by a corrupted online profile list file. To correct this, from DVD Profiler's main menu, select Online->Refresh Online Profile List while holding CTRL."

YES!  Thanks, greyghost!  I just got 2 weeks of updates.