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Quoting CharlieM:
But to equate this with a police state is wrong.  This is  a forum for the users and betterment of DVD Profiler.  It states this in the forum rules. 

Ken, as the author and owner has the right to establish and reevaluate the rules and guidelines as he sees necessary.

I think the statement of moving to a police state is unwarranted and unnecessary.  WE do have options.  We stay because we want to not because we have to.

I was comparing the policy of adding multiply restrictions to the policy on police states. Which i believe is just.

As you said this is a forum, so the effect on individual user is very diffrent, but the comparison wasnt far fetched IMO. I also compleatly respect Ken's wishes to do whatever he likes, but since he has added a forum, i will use it to voice my opinion on the decisions he makes.
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