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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantDavidEC
Registered: March 16, 2007
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( 1 ) The drop down menus for sort / image type are (still) not displaying on screen correctly.
( 2 ) First update took over six hours {but it never lost connection w/desktop unlike the past versions!}
( 3 ) Media banners are not all displaying as they display correctly on desktop?

Seems to be a bit snapper when displaying images!
Was able to scroll through my whole data base of close to 3,000 titles with out it shutting down / crashing

Suggestion> Incorporate a program like ""Caesium" image optimizer" to reduce the size (which would also incress update speed) of the images being imported into table/phone.
I never understood why some people feel that a computer image needs to be huge to have the same number of display pixels, when so much of an image is repeated data and when programs like "Caesium" just tells a computer to display pixel "Y" thirty times compared to sending a data stream of: "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" "Y" ?
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